Hi, I’m Maddie

I am a junior in The School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University.  I am excited by my role in design as I learn each day to see the world in a different light. Throughout my time studying here, I have seen the ways that both physical and digital products affect all of us through design. I have learned to have a keen eye when it comes to observing how design affects the way we explore the world around us. What excites me most about design is that design is so much more than simply creating. It is about, being empathetic to people’s needs, then translating those needs into an effective design solution. My outlook on the role of design has drastically changed from one of simply doing, doing, doing, to one of understanding and enabling. Understanding what my aim is for my user (not myself); and enabling the user to experience my designs in a way that delights them. As I continue studying design, I want to grow in my ability to use the skills I have been taught to tell meaningful and compelling stories.

Though I was born in Virginia, I lived in China for eight years prior to attending college. I am #4 in a family of five siblings. Outside of studying design, I love spending my time in neighborhood coffee shops, practicing my hand at cooking, and spending time with my family.