Maddie is interested in using design to not simply respond visually to the problems she faces, but to investigate these problems through design-led research and synthesis.

Hi, I’m Maddie

Hi I’m Maddie. I’m a recently graduated designer ready to take on the ever-shifting world we live in! I’m deeply interested in how design can work hand-in-hand with research whether through immersive workshops or design-led research synthesis. I also enjoy using my design background to build up a message overtime through time-based media. I believe that video has a particular way of exciting and drawing in a viewer that is unique from any other medium out there.

While (as all designers do) I love well made, intriguing visual work, I believe it is secondary to getting the story right. Any fellow colleague or classmate of mine will attest that I am the queen of scrutinizing my design decisions in order to create meaning in every stroke, color, or word choice that I make. It is my belief that visual design systems are the building blocks that form a compelling message. Without the “message” part, design isn’t so compelling anymore.

A little more about me

When I’m not waiting for a video to render or agonizing over a color scheme, you can find me collecting anything purple, creating jewelry out of clay and tiny beads, or playing with abstract shapes and collage to make handwritten notes. I also love spending time with family, drinking endless amounts of sparkling water, and listening to hours on hours of podcasts.