Hi, I’m Maddie

I am a senior in The School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University.  I am excited by my role in design as I learn each day to see the world in a different light. As I have learned and grown through my schooling and various career opportunities, I have discovered that my passion for design lies in its ability to merge the gap between an idea or an initial spark of excitement and a meaningful system or product. As a designer, I have the unique ability to take those pieces of a beginning idea and make sense of them, order them, and construct a developed whole. I believe that process of designing is only as successful as the research and collaboration that comes along. Research, specifically research that probes and begins to understand the human motivation or habits, is critical in validating any idea. Most any designer can come up with a beautiful, seamless service or visual system, but far less can design that system from meaningful, human-centered research. Collaboration is also key to a developed idea. Designers don’t hold all the cards; we need researchers, engineers, and psychologists to add their valuable skills and knowledge to the process. As a communication designer, it is essential that I equip the user, client, or entity with those collaborative perspectives and research insights in order to design a successful design system or service. This role as a designer is where I am most excited to affect the world around me.

A little more about me

Though I was born in Virginia, I lived in China for eight years prior to attending college. This international perspective has shaped the way I design, but has also grown in me a love for travel and an inherent interest in global issues. Family is also critical to my perspective and design experience, I am number four in a family of five siblings, three of which now practice design. Outside of studying design, I love spending my time in neighborhood coffee shops, participating in church community, and spending time with my family.