Adding Hierarchy Throughout the Process

Given an event and its details such as time, place, and event title, I was tasked to create a poster that conveyed the nature of the event. The objective of this project was to explore typographic elements and how the use of hierarchy can help or hinder the message’s communication. Moving through the project, I started simple with only text and working with a few different text sizes, I then moved onto adding color and imagery. With each addition to detail, the process of creating this poster became more and more complex. This process taught me about taking design in steps; not trying to do everything at once. With each consecutive adjustment and addition of color, text treatment, or imagery, I began to learn the importance of the design process as a whole.

Starting out, I created hierarchy through text size alone. For example, I made the title larger than than the different event descriptions and the event descriptions larger than the date. These simple changes helped me move forward as I started to add color and weight to the text. I used the hierarchical choices I made in the beginning to guide where I used color and stroke weight moving forward. For instance, wanting to draw attention to the title of the poster, I decided to play around with color in the words “Quantum Theatre Company.” Then, I moved onto adding visualizations. This step, helped me learn how to be conscious of what exactly you are designing. I had to learn what Quantum Theatre was about before I could label it with a certain picture or graphic. Wanting to be cognizant of how truthful my poster was to the actual company, it took some research before I could add any sort of visualization to my work.


As a designer, I constantly have to fight the urge to begin by making, and first use the design thought and theories that I’ve been taught to guide me. I’ve learned through this project that taking the longer route by being intentional about each decision I make, is more successful than jumping to doing everything at once. In this project specifically, learning to design a poster in steps (first using text only, then text in different size and weights, and finally text with imagery and color) was a helpful skill I will use in the future.



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